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Anonymous commented at 2009-08-12 12:59:44 » #93106

Samus would kick it's ass in a heartbeat.

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Anonymous commented at 2009-08-23 17:36:21 » #99281

unless it got her first......................... which it has.

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shiro-0 commented at 2009-12-08 23:04:59 » #171932

well, if it came to a headbutt, i think she would win.

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Anonymous commented at 2010-01-08 21:20:52 » #197343

And then promptly lose, due to the fact they have a highly powerful organic acid that melts though ship hulls... She is a goner.

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Anonymous commented at 2010-01-09 01:59:40 » #197556

You do know the Varia Suit is immune to acid, right? She could tear it in half and be no worse for the wear.

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Anonymous commented at 2010-02-21 11:08:08 » #230691

The Predators have weapons and armor that are acid proof to the Organic Acid that Xenomorphs have for blood, but they still die to them all the time.

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zoryu commented at 2010-03-30 15:26:40 » #263161

Samus's basic varia suit (without the hazard shield) would be damaged by acid blood, but still hold it at bay until either its energy tanks ran out from the strain or the acid lost potency. Also, I'd bet that frozen acid is significantly less dangerous and it looks like she's got her ice beam charged up. The only real question is: can the Xenomorph can cause enough damage to deplete her energy tanks and breach her shielding before being frozen or killed by repeated thermal shock.

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Anonymous commented at 2010-04-13 23:26:33 » #275041

heh ... shes in a hive... if im seeing that minor bit of background right; if a single can get her in this kind of spot whats a horde of them gonna do to her o.o

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Anonymous commented at 2010-04-14 09:27:40 » #275352

Oh come one, we all know she's scanning the alien...Otherwise it would have already gotten it's ass kicked

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Hexnaw commented at 2010-05-31 04:47:30 » #318305

She could ball morph, screw attack -- she's too dynamic. And unless she doesn't notice an entire horde sneaking around, then yeah, I'll admit she's done. Cool cross-over though.

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