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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-27 15:40:39 » #1855930

latest ova was concentrated lameness

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-27 16:11:27 » #1855943

Agreed, even though I quite liked the fact that it portrayed one of the possible bad ends from TA2. Still, the OVA in itself was very bad. Lilith desperately needs new material, preferably in the form of a Black or Anime game title representing something new while staying true to the brand, instead of the company shamelessly milking old success to death. It looked like they didn't even care enough to make the OVA LOOK alright. To think that I actually bought it...the joke's definitely on me.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-27 20:30:29 » #1856051

Man Kagami's art has been awesome for as long as I've known of it and he just keeps getting better.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-28 01:18:37 » #1856168

I can't get over how cute young Asagi is.

But ah, they say the game will come out in 2016? Going by previous games like TA3 and TY2, I guess that means it will be the latter half of 2016 and we're getting that ad hype in early. Oh well. One can hope!

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-28 09:43:57 » #1856292

A prequel is just a pathetic excuse for useless romantic kyosuke shit, just you wait. Gonna be fucking tragic!

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-28 20:04:48 » #1856546

Urgh...Kyosuke...what is it with these half-crushes in the Taimanin games? They're insignificant to the story, they're lacking a likeable personality...not to mention their acute lack of intelligence and ability of spotting the obvious, they're useless in fights AND life, and no matter what horrible faith befalls them it's impossible to feel sad about it...I'd go as far as to claim that Lilith's "romance" in their games is equivalent to German humour: awkward, desperately lacking, and everything is better off without it.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-11-29 08:45:01 » #1856840

I liked the latest OVA.. I like them all actually. Anything with Asagi hits me in the good feels just about. Dont understand why the internet constantly feels the need to downplay one thing in order to validate something else, when both things can be good in their own way.

Felt like the old OVA's had better animation
While the new OVA had better art and music

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kijion commented at 2015-12-01 12:09:34 » #1858087

I never thought I would be hyped for a hentai game.......

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Anonymous commented at 2015-12-12 13:54:04 » #1864206

Better music? The new one used the same music... Just more 'clearer' due to the technology being better than back then.

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Priss87 commented at 2016-01-11 18:09:38 » #1881412

Asagi looks too cute in this for my liking.

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