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1girl 2016 :o analog_clock angel animal arms_at_sides bare_arms bare_legs barefoot bicycle bird black_hair blue_eyes blurry book book_stack bookshelf bottle box branch brown_eyes cable candlelight candlestand cardboard_box chess_piece chick clock cloth company_name corded_phone cup curtains depth_of_field dress egg feathers flat_chest floating_hair floating_object floor flower flying_paper frame full_body gears gem glass glowing gradient_hair grimoire ground_vehicle hair_feathers heart highres in_container in_cup indoors jewelry kerosene_lamp light_bulb light_particles looking_at_viewer magic magic_circle multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair muta nest object_on_head paper parted_lips pawn pentagram phone phonograph photo_(object) plant plate quill red_eyes red_hair red_rose ring roman_numerals rose rotary_phone rubik's_cube rug saucer scroll shelf short_dress short_sleeves smile solo standing star statue suitcase sundress table tablecloth teacup toenails typewriter vase weighing_scale white_dress white_flower wooden_floor yan_xi yellow_eyes yohan12

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