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!! !? >_< 2girls afterimage alphys animal bare_arms bare_shoulders bird blue_skin bon_(rump) boots bucket crying eyepatch eyes_closed fish flying_sweatdrops food grass head_fins in_mouth labcoat long_hair long_sleeves lowres messy_hair monster_girl motion_lines multiple_girls open_mouth ponytail red_boots red_hair running sharp_teeth speech_bubble stuck sweat sweatdrop sweating_profusely tears teeth throwing undertale undyne vore wavy_mouth yellow_sclera yellow_teeth


avatarEVANkurasu >> #2082908
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"Smells like sushi."

avatarAnonymous >> #2088641
Posted on 2017-01-29 02:38:52 (Report as spam)
The pelican's cavernous mouth fills Undyne with determination.