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1girl akatsuki_kirika armor bangs bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_shirt blush bodysuit bracer breasts breasts_apart closed_mouth coat collared_shirt commentary_request covered_navel cowboy_shot elbow_gloves emblem gloves green_background green_eyes green_legwear hair_between_eyes halterneck hand_on_headwear hand_up headgear headphones impossible_clothes jewelry legs_apart leotard light_particles light_smile link_(aa30) looking_to_the_side magical_girl medium_breasts miniskirt off_shoulder open_clothes open_coat open_shirt outline pauldrons pendant pleated_skirt profile senki_zesshou_symphogear shiny shiny_clothes shirt short_hair short_sleeves skin_tight skirt smile solo standing thighhighs turtleneck twitter_username undressing white_gloves zettai_ryouiki