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10s 6+girls aijou_karen amulet banana baseball_helmet baton bear bird black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blush bow brown_hair candy cat chibi crown cup daiba_nana daruma_doll eyes_closed fan food fruit giraffe glasses grey_background hair_bow hairband hanayagi_kaoruko hands_together helmet highres hoshimi_junna isurugi_futaba jacket_on_shoulders kagura_hikari knees_together_feet_apart legs_crossed long_hair mini_crown multiple_girls notebook outstretched_arms paper_fan pleated_skirt potato red_hair saijou_claudine sash shoujo_kageki_revue_starlight skirt sparkle sparkle_hair_ornament suzzy swan teacup tendou_maya trophy tsuyuzaki_mahiru twintails two_side_up very_long_hair waist_cape

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