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Anonymous commented at 2019-03-24 05:12:45 » #2354713

I think she actually met similar fate in the light novel. She ended up getting hitched to some notoriously sadistic shit that got off on torture and ultimately kills his partner when he’s done or bored with them. I would feel a bit bad for her if she wasn’t an irredeemable remorseless piece of garbage.

Not that I would ever condone what was done to her, as bad as she was I don’t think anyone deserves that. The bloke that broke her is pretty much a monster. I don’t care what kinks you’re into so long as you’re not hurting anybody and the guy will continue to do that to anyone he can gets his hands on.

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Anonymous commented at 2019-07-07 12:53:23 » #2404987

Let us not forget, for those who haven't read the LNs, that she is also responsible for a large number of spear hero's teammates (and who know s how many other people's teammates) disappearing, and as far as the ones we know about, she actually had them drugged, beaten, and sold into sex slavery, where an unknown amount of absolutely horrible things very likely happened to them.

Her end fate is, by no means undeserved, and while brutal, she has done a massive number of horrible acts that would all be grounds for the death sentence on their own. Her fate is, no matter how horrible, quite deserved.

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Anonymous commented at 2020-06-15 14:26:27 » #2541412

what #2354713 said is true
that's actually what happens to her
she's sold-out to some filthy-degenerate lord known to be a insane sadist who get his kicks out of torturing peoples until they're either dead or he gets bored-out

how can this guy even be allowed to exist?
well quite simply, he's so fucking bad, he actually serve as a genuine death-sentence for any females criminals

as for the "Is it not enough"
well, believe me, it's not like the guy simply empty-his balls and mindbreaked her
the shit he did to her is even worse than the fate of most of Asanagi's female-characters

Now did she deserve it?
well, no-one deserve that shit, cuz it truly was something worse than death
but then again, well no-one is gonna gives a shit about it except her family

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Anonymous commented at 2020-06-15 14:44:09 » #2541424

To be fair, the character in question was a person that took pleasure in making people suffer. No amount of therapy would have changed her mindset. However, does that mean that she should be subjected to what happened to her in the novel? The answer of course is no.

This is actually the problem with stories of the same nature as this one. You set up a character and then allows them to take revenge, only to demonstrate that the person that take revenge are just as bad (and in some cases worse) than the person that they take revenge on.

#2354713 and #2541412
Considering how the queen acted and treated her, even if she wasn't a bad person to begin with... it isn't strange that she became a evil. There is a lot of things that are never really explained in the novel... as an example, why was the younger sister made into the heiress and not the older one? Was Malty not the queens biological daughter or was it because the queen decided that Melty was smarter?

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Alleyne commented at 2020-09-19 03:32:51 » #2564730

So, she gets wrecked in the end? I feel refreshed by knowing that.
And if you didnt pay attention, when Melty introduces herself, and is questioned on why she is the heiress, and not her older sister, Melty replies that her sister is a she is, and has caused many trouble in the past, so in the end, her mother; the queen knew her better than anyone, and realized that she wasnt fit for a crown.

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spiderfan commented at 2020-11-29 23:04:17 » #2578564

Anyone watched the movie Slither by James Gunn? Imagine the movie except Malty replaces Brenda Gutierrez

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Blanketslate commented at 2020-11-29 23:51:49 » #2578570

Everyone gather around for the pre-breeding picture.

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