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anonekama commented at 2022-04-17 16:30:34 » #2704614

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Good evening my fellow worshipers, thank you for taking the time to come to Shinri Mokubashou Sect’s New Year Special Redemption Prayer Service. Tonight, under the guidance of the One True God of Wooden Horses, Holy Maidens who have undergone special training will receive your sins and show you the path to heavenly salvation.

To prepare for this religious service, my fellow worshipers have already borne witness to the dousing of Holy Maidens with holy water. They have been cleansed inside and out, in body and in spirit. They have been dressed in a nun’s habit and snow white lace panties that symbolize their unblemished purity. Right now they stand before the 「Holy Horse Pillar」 awaiting us. The 「Holy Horse Pillar」 is a divine instrument that represents the phallus of the One True God of Wooden Horses. It is capable of absorbing sin by means of the union between a Holy Maiden and the Sacred Phallus, for the benefit of us all. My fellow brothers, please assist me with conducting this holy union. Each Holy Horse Pillar has a metal platform, and there is a glass triangular prism about sixty centimeters above that point. Please help your Holy Maiden straddle the glass prism so she is kneeling atop the metal platform. The Holy Maidens’ arms are already bound behind them, so tie their breast harnesses to the steel rings hanging from the horses’ mouths. Next, link the cuffs on their thighs with their ankles to restrict each Holy Maiden’s ability to bend her knees. At this point, there is no way for your Holy Maiden to struggle free, but her pussy can still lift off of the glass prism. Some Holy Maidens may nervously test the weight on their pussies out of sheer anxiety, hoping to prepare themselves for the inevitable sharpness of the triangular edge, so there’s no harm in lifting their religious garments to watch them squirm in various kinds of positions. Once the Holy Maiden’s pussies are fixed in place, please push the button located on the platform. This will cause the platform to automatically descend until each Holy Maiden is barely able to touch the platform with her knees. At this point, the triangular prism should sink deeply into her pussy. However, if the worshiper is dissatisfied with the final position, this entire process can be repeated. Finally, please push the two sides of the metal platform inwards. This will cause the metal platform to change shape. The sides will retract inwards and the center pieces will protrude upwards, forming a second triangular prism. The Holy Maiden on top of the contraption can attempt to squeeze her knees together and clamp onto the lower metal prism for support, reducing the pain on her pussy. At this point, the holy union between the Holy Maiden the Holy Horse Pillar is complete. Touching the Holy Maiden during the process of holy union can erase your sins and improve your luck, so it’s quite a favorable blessing. I welcome all my fellow worshipers to molest as much as you like.

Normally, Holy Maidens perform the holy union to purify evil spirits, but during the New Year Special Redemption Prayer Service, they are required to take on the sins of the worshipers. In the Bible of the Holy Wooden Horse, written in 1584 B.C.E., various sins are clearly stated, including masturbation, pre-marital sex (apart from with a Holy Maiden), creampies, facial cum shots, homosexuality, etc. All of these are forbidden sins. In order to wash away our sins from the previous year, the One True God has graciously given us his apostles. Please attach the 「Holy Rope」 to the maidens’ thigh hoops, wrap it around the pulleys on both sides of the metal triangular platform, and then hoist up the 「Atonement Box」. Now, my fellow worshipers can purchase 「Indulgence Coins」 from our idle assistants. Once you’ve chosen the Holy Maiden that you like the most, please fondle her according to the ceremonial rite, and then use the holy writing brush to write your sins on the maiden’s body. Finally, place your Indulgences in the 「Atonement Box」. Indulgence coins are deliberately weighted coins that symbolize the burden of the worshiper’s vices. Believers can purchase as many Indulgences as needed to absolve their sins. Since the 「Atonement Box」 is attached to the Holy Maiden’s legs, throwing in 「Indulgence Coins」will transfer the worshiper’s sins to the Holy Maiden’s body, who will then purify the evil through her ritual union with our One True God.

The 「Atonement Box」 increases the weight that the Holy Maiden needs to bear. Since silk thigh stockings are a part of the nun’s attire, there is almost no friction between her knees and the metal triangular edge. No matter how hard she clamps her thighs together, her body will slowly sink. This is a slow and continuous process, and the Holy Maiden can only twist helplessly on the sharp post while she struggles to use her knees to find traction. However, the 「Holy Rope」 will drag the Holy Maiden’s legs outwards due the pulleys. As the ceremony goes on, the Holy Maiden will inevitably lose the support of her knees. This is an especially sacred moment, which is called the “Parting of the Legs” in the Wooden Horse scriptures. At this moment, the weight of the 「Indulgence Coins」 and the maiden’s body is only supported by her vulva and breast harness, so we say that Holy Maiden and the Holy Horse Pillar have finally achieved union. At this time, it is said that writing wishes on the maiden’s inner thigh is extremely effective, so please give it a try.

Additionally, there is a high-resolution camera that films upwards on the metal triangular platform and broadcasts the footage on the Internet free of charge. Aside from relieving the pain, the Holy Maiden must clamp her legs together in order to block the camera. Therefore, when the “Parting of Legs” occurs, her sensitive folds will sink deeply into the transparent edge of the triangle, and this sacred scene will be broadcasted all over the world. Meanwhile, the Holy Maiden’s panties will grow increasingly transparent as her holy fluids soak through. Even if her legs are being pulled open, the Holy Maiden will still try her best to close her legs to prevent her obscene pussy from being televised live. In the week before the New Year, Holy Maidens will take turns on each night to perform the ceremony of Holy Union. However, on New Year’s Eve, all of the Holy Maidens are required to participate. Until daybreak on the first sunrise of the new year, they will pray for another wonderful year full of blessings from the One True God of Wooden Horses.

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BaldurAnthology commented at 2022-04-17 16:38:07 » #2704618

you can still zoom in on mobile...

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