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1girl belt blue_eyes cape carrot_works final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiii hai_raito hiwainaru lightning_farron long_hair miniskirt pencil_skirt pink_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck solo thigh_strap turtleneck


avatarGaara_Of_TheFunk >> #332780
Posted on 2010-06-14 13:50:38 (Report as spam)
Lightning looking really sexy here.

avatarkuglefang >> #334819
Posted on 2010-06-16 07:23:21 (Report as spam)
pretty good art work there

avatarEdgefiend >> #334997
Posted on 2010-06-16 12:02:02 (Report as spam)
She looks beyond epic, so seductive.

avatarAnonymous >> #347219
Posted on 2010-06-28 04:24:41 (Report as spam)
Fuck'n saved this Picture! XD

avatarNasteyRye >> #753773
Posted on 2011-05-30 10:33:15 (Report as spam)
She like I could just walk up, have a talk and digg it the same night