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00s 2girls :d ^_^ age_difference arched_back armpits ass bangs bent_over black_hair blonde_hair blush breasts censored close-up doggystyle earrings eyes_closed flat_chest from_side futa_with_female futanari game_cg group_sex hanging_breasts happy_sex height_difference huge_breasts huge_nipples jewelry karin_von_gielen large_nipples leaning_forward loli long_hair looking_back mosaic_censoring mound_of_venus multiple_girls nipples open_mouth orgy penis pink_eyes profile puffy_nipples pussy pussy_juice saliva sara_scorpion seshiru_von_gielen seura_isago sex shiny shiny_skin siblings sideboob siria_von_bernstein sisters smile standing sweat tongue twins uchuu_kaizoku_sara vaginal

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avatarAnonymous >> #364703
Posted on 2010-07-14 03:14:34 (Report as spam) Score: 11 (Vote Up)
I remember this anime on a website, the black haired girls were riding the blonde and red haired girl, now their getting fucked x33

avatarAnonymous >> #365944
Posted on 2010-07-15 09:24:46 (Report as spam) Score: 6 (Vote Up)
its space pirates something
i just don't remember the part after space pirates :L

avatarwar_of_the_worlds >> #405761
Posted on 2010-08-18 15:30:57 (Report as spam) Score: 28 (Vote Up)

avatarAnonymous >> #578198
Posted on 2011-01-11 19:24:28 (Report as spam) Score: 8 (Vote Up)
Too bad in the 4 episodes
They get killed..the lolis I mean

avatarAnonymous >> #686333
Posted on 2011-04-08 02:58:51 (Report as spam) Score: 10 (Vote Up)
D:!!! no! not the lolis!!! i wanted to keep em

avatarRick9001 >> #698465
Posted on 2011-04-17 17:22:55 (Report as spam) Score: 18 (Vote Up)
The payback in the 4th episode of the anime version felt a little underwhelming. For one thing, we don't see that fat duke being wiped out, assuming that it actually happened... it has just been hinted in the ending monologue. Now that would've been a treat.

Then again, it's hentai we're talking about so that is a little too much to expect.

The payback fuck does happen in the bonus scene, though. Yeah, those little sluts managed to survive somehow. Too bad it was a little too short for my tastes.

Despite those shortcomings plot-wise, the anime was quite enjoyable.

avatarQueen_Darkness_Von_Haven >> #1352968
Posted on 2013-07-03 11:07:06 (Report as spam) Score: 3 (Vote Up)
Now this is a Good Payback also it would have been nice if they are fully nude like the game the anime is only half nude

avatarcutie_yoko >> #1379508
Posted on 2013-08-13 20:46:07 (Report as spam) Score: 8 (Vote Up)
Actually, everyone, they did live. There is an extra that shows that the twins are still alive, and Sera and Siria are using them as sex slaves.