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2アイスキャンデー アイスキャンディー A brand name popularly associated with frozen, flavored, molded water-based [[dessert]]. It is often bought on a stick. As a [[sexually_suggestive]] item, it is often portrayed [[melting]] in the heat and [[dripping]] sugar water while a character is eating it. On Gelbooru the tag is used for generic popsicles, not the brand: [b]See also:[/b] [[watermelon_bar]] [[tupet]] [[Tag_Group:Food_Tags]]
Updated by AngryZapdos about 01/17/18 5:45 AM
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1Refers to all kinds of (mostly water- and juice-based) frozen desserts on a stick known elsewhere around the world as ice pops or ice lollies. Popsicle is technically a trademark currently owned by Unilever.
Updated by axres about 01/29/16 3:33 PM
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